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Summer is here... [Jan. 15th, 2009|06:13 pm]
From Random
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Quick update... [Aug. 4th, 2008|03:20 pm]
This is a quick and lazy photo update...

Time for a new car... Subaru Impreza RX - MY08.

Photos from the May trip to the USA

and a brief stop in Tokyo on the way home

Finally, I hope whoever decided to book some Air France flights on my credit card is having fun. After a month it's still being 'investigated'.

08/07 AIR FRANCE ATLANTA US USD 1,334.80 AUD 1,451.61
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Update.. [Apr. 30th, 2008|10:27 am]
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Someone reminded me the other day that I never update this thing... Since I have nothing to say except "Woot, HOLIDAYS!", I'll go ahead and attach a picture of an Emu taken a couple of weeks ago...

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Common Sense on Global Warming [Oct. 7th, 2007|10:27 am]
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Christina [Jul. 16th, 2007|12:54 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

It seems seriously wrong that my 33rd birthday is rapidly approaching and yet here I am posting about that fact that on the weekend I finally became one of those nutters that jumps around at a concert and yes, I actually managed to touch Christina Aguilera's hand during her performance. :)

The tickets were AMAZING - we were actually IN the stage, in a recessed section between the band and where Christina and the dancers were and actually on the stage side of the crowd control barriers. It was amazing and meant we were no more than a few meters away from her with only about 10-15 people. There was also a walk around backstage which was full of nerdy electronics, dancers, food and clothing. ;)

Thanks Rach. :)

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Cheap Melbourne Flights [Jul. 12th, 2007|12:53 pm]
"On July 12, Tiger Airways Australia launched two new routes to add to its fast growing network of domestic routes within Australia (to be confirmed). From December 1, 2007, the airline will operate three flights a week between Melbourne and Alice Springs with one-fares from AU$59.95 all inclusive, and daily flights between Melbourne and Perth with one-way fares from AU$69.95 all inclusive. Flights are subject to regulatory approval. More new routes to be announced shortly."


It's showing $49.95 each way on a couple of random dates in December.
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Bosses... [Jul. 12th, 2007|09:40 am]
"Employees truly believe their employers should be able to perform their job with a superior skill level and thus to obtain the respect of their charges,''

"The survey of 1987 people found males have less confidence in the ability of their "superior" to perform, with 43.7 per cent saying their boss was really no good at their job."

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Smokers & Talkers [Jun. 18th, 2007|07:30 am]
Do smokers realise that we non-smokers can smell the smoke on them? We can smell it when you sit a few seats away in a cinema. We can smell it when we get in a lift after you've been there. We can smell it when you're smoking in the car sitting ahead of us at the traffic lights. Yes, really. Sometimes it's just noticeable, sometimes it's truly revolting.

To all Cinema Talkers... SHUT UP. Sit down, be quiet. It's not that difficult. I swear it's getting worse and becoming more common for people to chat away during movies. WE can hear you and it does interrupt our experience. If you can't stay quiet or keep up with the plot wait for the DVD to come out
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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2007|02:32 pm]
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Bicycle Odometer: 966Km.

Of course, half the point of putting pointless things on the 'Net is to inspire you to continue. That theory worked well. Not.

Distance travelled on the bike:

May: 235km
April: 119.6Km
March: 0. Erk. I blame Cosmic rays.
Feb: 89Km
Jan: 223Km

June is turning out to be fairly crappy too due to me being sick for the past few days and some crappy weather. On the bright side my 'standard' ride is about 18.5Km long now and takes about 1h-1h10min depending on the wind,motivation, etc. As always there are a million excuses not to exercise...
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Pirates3 - A short review [May. 24th, 2007|06:37 pm]
Keira strips off, fighting, monkey does cool stuff.

Then... the power goes off followed by sitting patiently in cinema for 40 minutes (it was gold glass and there was food so it wasn't all that bad). We then got kicked out with a refund and food voucher.

I guess we'll get to see the other 90% of the movie some other time - But probably not in gold class because it's heavily booked - as you'd expect on opening weekend.

Shit happens. :)
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